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Artificially Expanded Genetic Information Systems -
dS:dB system: Phosphoramidites


Hydrogen bonding pattern: S
Sugar: 2’-Deoxyribose
Heterocycle: Pseudo-C
Linear Formula C47H54N5O8P

Mol Weight  847.93


Cat. No. dS-PA-104S


100 mg $720.00
1 gram $5760.00


Hydrogen bonding pattern: B
Sugar: 2’-Deoxyribose
Heterocycle: Purine
Linear Formula C62H79N8O8P
Mol Weight  1095.31


Cat. No. dB-PA-103P


100 mg $600.00
1 gram $4800.00



Please inquire for bulk pricing.


These are seventh and eighth letters of a DNA alphabet that are used in priming, primer extension, and PCR.


Oligonucleotides are available that incorporate dS and dB.
Please inquire for availability of ribonucleoside derivatives.